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Video is one of the most powerful tools to establish trust. It helps your audience get to know who you are and realize your presence. Give them a face they can recognize and engage with. Authentic human connection begins with sharing your story.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is more than just “posting." It establishes your brand, reputation, community and influence. It sets the tone for what people say about you, and what kind of an audience you attract. Let us put together a social media strategy tailored just for you.


First impressions matter. The imagery you share represents your brand. Show your audience you are both high quality and professional. You’ve worked hard to develop your reputation, so do your brand justice with high quality photography.

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About A.I.M

We are a boutique storytelling agency with a client roster of nonprofits, advocacy groups and businesses dedicated to making an impact. We love collaborating with action-takers, innovators, and motivators. Our specialty is bringing brands to life through storytelling to ultimately improve awareness and impact.